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Tint My Firetruck

Tinting a project truck

I need my firetruck tinted! Carl Cavossa of Cavossa Excavation recently became the proud owner of a firetruck, and hired Extreme Audio of Cape Cod to tint the windows. Yes, that's what we said, a firetruck. Carl's new toy is to be used to pull snowmobiles north during the winter months and took on a intensive overhaul including adding stacks, flatbed, chrome wheels and of course the tint! In order to take advantage of recent snowfall, he needed it tinted right away, so we jumped on the case! Due to the fact that the vehicle was undergoing a complete makeover we traveled to his location to tint the windows.

This just goes to prove that Extreme Audio truly can tint any vehicle, no matter how big or small. Equipped with large install bays at locations in Mashpee and Hyannis (and mobile service if needed) we are ready to meet any of your window tinting needs!

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