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We wire and install networks ranging from Pakedge, Luxul to Apple Airport Extreme. All of these networks have specs that make them unique to the project or home they are installed in. Our wiring is nothing short of perfection, we color code and label each and every wire in an organized and presentable fashion.

Pakedge: The go-to for optimal multimedia streaming, this network is a favorite for any smart home owner. Streaming devices ranging from media players to intercom, cameras, this network enables traffic to ensure steady streaming for seamless service.

Luxul: This network is popular for those home and business owners who need routers, switches and wireless networks to handle the speed and demand for heavy web traffic and security camera access. Their switches are a highly sought after component of any security system.

AirPort Extreme: A very popular option for customers, this network option is based on reputation and performance. As reliable as Apple products are, AirPort Extreme has a strong signal due to the height of the device and 6 antennas on top. With this and the wireless technology, you will connect faster, farther, and with more power.

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