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Not Just a Living Room with a TV!

At Extreme Audio and Video here on good ole Cape Cod we specialize in customizing homes to be practical yet function flawlessly with some flash to make not only a full surround sound with your typical TV above the fireplace but a fantastic looking, sounding conversation piece!

This particular installation took place in Mashpee, MA and we had the pleasure of designing the project alongside the home owner to meet his exact vision. We Installed a 65" Samsung LED 4K custom wrapped with Triad LCR sound bar on the bottom of the TV. We flush mounted this panel and had the back painted black for a floating effect.

The rear surround speakers are in the ceiling and we have a Triad in-wall subwoofer sprayed at the factory to match the exact Sherwin Williams paint color for a perfect blend.

The remote to control the TV along with the lighting, thermostats, cameras, audio and video are all done in Control4. We did a complete home automation system at this home and the customers use touchscreens, their phones and ipads to control the home. The Control4 remote control is easy to use and is very durable, and the best part is that the buttons light up at night and the charging cradle makes charging and storing the remote a snap!

Finally for this living room we incorporated a slider rack within the custom built-in with fans mounted directly below the rack to cool the system by sucking out unwanted heat. All of Extreme Audio's racks are neatly dressed and easy to service letting the world know we care about our installations as much as we care about our clients!

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