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The Future is So Bright, Get QMotion Shades

Made in America. Three words that give pride into any consumer seeking quality made goods. Extreme Audio is now a proud provider of QMotion, an award winning producer of home shade products. These American made goods have innovated the home shade market for years.

The QMotion product line ranges from simple motorized roller shades, honeycomb shades, to motorized drapery rods. Cordless and efficient, these products feature manual override systems, where any of their products can be controlled either manually, through a remote, or fully integrated with any smart device. It is easy to assume that as you are reading this very blog, a technician from Extreme Audio is installing and integrating these products with Zigbee through the Control4 home automation system.

Shades come in a wide range of colors and fabrics, with 300 styles and colors they can be aesthetically integrated as well. The possibilities are endless! From comfort and privacy for a home or office to an advertisement for your business, QMotion shades are the latest craze: an attractive addition to any home. For those seeking peace and serenity, these shades will shield you from the outside glare as well as give of a low disturbance of sound. Homeowners and business owners alike will feel comfort and privacy in any setting.

Extreme Audio can help you select which shades are efficient for your home by consultation appointment. The design team will provide you with a thorough assessment to figure out which shade is appropriate for your property. Give them a call to set up an appointment and get a free estimate today!

Why Install Shades?

Government & Medical buildings - Provides darkens the setting for a quiet, remote setting. This ensures comfort and privacy

Hospitality & Restaurants - Assures comfort, functionality, as well as print advertising opportunities on the shade to promote business.

Retail - Aesthetically pleasing window fashions, space dividers and scenic designs. Increased advertising exposure with printed shades.

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