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Security Cameras: Which One is Right for You?

These days we must be sure of our surroundings and keep a keen eye on our homes and belongings. The average property loss incurred in a burglary is $2,251. Instead of losing that amount of money in a burglary that could be avoided, why not put the odds of diffusing the situation in your favor by installing state of the art cameras to protect what is yours? Here are some steps to choosing a good camera.

Infrared security (IR) cameras are mostly used by home owners and business owners alike. They produce high resolution video during day and night hours. These cameras can also withstand the elements of weather from cold winter nights to hot, humid summer days.

Dome cameras provide a clear high resolution picture where the home owner can zoom into a specific part of their property. The lens is not visible from outside the dome so the potential burglar has no idea where the lens is pointing. This is particularly beneficial if someone chooses to move or zoom the camera.

Pan tilt zoom cameras can be controlled through a DVR, software on a computer or mobile device or by a joystick. These cameras can move in any direction and have zoom in capabilities. Additional wiring is required to install these cameras so labor cost will always be a factor. While you are away, these cameras can zoom into suspicious areas that a burglar might target. A lot of businesses, airports as well as casinos use these cameras.

These cameras can be hidden in bushes outside of the house, exit signs inside of a business, sprinklers, clocks or another other spot in you can imagine. Obviously the more hidden the camera is, the more susceptible you are to catching a burglar. Studies show if a home or businesses clearly discloses via sign that there is a camera system in place, the less likely that place is to have a burglary take place. A camera system is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to protect what is theirs.

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