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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Remote Starter

With so many different remote car starters on the market today, it can be quite confusing to decide which system best suits your needs. There are 1-button units, 4-button units, 'add-on' units, and even systems that will start your car from your smart phone. With all these options to choose from here are 7 tips for choosing the RIGHT remote starter system for your car. 

1. Choose a company that offers a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. Ask about removal and reinstall into your next vehicle if you are currently leasing, or planning on trading in for a newer car in a few years. Most reputable companies offer a removal and reinstall option for a small fee. 

2. If your vehicle has power locks and keyless entry, limit your pocket weight by carrying only one remote. Most cars that have a factory remote to lock, unlock, or pop the trunk do not function when the engine is running. This is a factory feature, but can be remedied when pairing your remote start system with keyless entry.

3. Know what features you want to control. All remote start systems will start your engine, and turn on the heat or A/C. They will also perform other features such as turning on the rear defrost, heated seats, roll window up/down, even position the memory seats if your car has this option from the factory. All these features and more usually are an extra charge.

4. Know your distance! Choose a system that best fits in the estimated range your car will be parked. If you work for a hospital that has employee parking in a "not so near by" parking lot, choose a remote starter with 3,000 ft of range or more. But if your car is parked 300 ft from your door in your driveway then a 1-mile range unit might be overkill.

5. Buy from an Authorized Dealer that has factory trained installers. These installers will not only know the product they are installing but will also know the vehicle they are installing it into. Trained installers get the latest product upgrades, software and/or firmware updates, vehicle specific wiring information, and knowledgeable tech support.

6. If unsure, add security! Most remote start systems can be upgraded to a full alarm system. If you will be remotely starting from an uncomfortable distance, add a security system to ease your mind. Security/alarm systems come with many features like a shock/glass breakage sensor, siren or horn chirps, starter kill, light flash, and visual LED warning. Sometimes the feeling of security out-weighs the added cost of upgrading.

7. Make sure the cost of a replacement doesn't exceed the cost of the unit! How much to replace a lost or broken remote? Lets face it, we've all dropped keys in a puddle or in the snow; and we all lose our keys from time to time. Most remote start systems come with two remotes, and most companies offer a one year warranty on each. 

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