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Local Business Owner Seeks Extreme Assistance

This week at Extreme Audio, we had an exciting project to undertake. A local business owner who just bought a Ford Transit work van for his plumbing company needed not only his windows tinted, but new Pioneer car radio. Traditionally, installations of this scope are done in Hyannis but an alternative was needed in this case. Given the size of the van, the work needed to be done in our Mashpee location and our installers jumped at the chance!

Meticulously working for half of the day, both installers completed the work in half a day. All proper wiring was completed with detail and care and the product was tested thoroughly before completion. An extra amount of heat was applied to the window tint due to the snow and falling temperatures outside.

Our customer was pleased with the timely manner that the project was completed as well as the customer service given. Within a few days, we checked in on him and his satisfaction continued. Not only was he happy with the finished product but he is also looking to return once again for more products to add to his new van. As usual, Extreme Audio will be waiting in the wings to assist him with continued care and attention to detail that keeps customers coming back every time.

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