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Window Tint Extravaganza!

Right in the middle of a frigid winter season, Extreme Audio Cape Cod has seen a demand for window tint like we’ve never seen. At a furious pace, the bay doors of the Hyannis shop have been opening and closing endlessly to a constant line of cars ranging from classic to luxury to everyday passenger vehicles.

Proudly providing our tint since day one, Johnson Window Film offers a wide variety of products for the customer to choose from. Recently the tint specialists at the shop installed the IR45 ceramic, a long-lasting film that not only blocks out 99% harmful UV rays, but also rejects 73% of solar heat. IR45 also cuts down harmful glare substantially.

In addition to our auto tint work, our installers have been providing quotes on site to various Cape Cod locations for window tinting. Home and business owners alike have been inquiring at a feverish pace. Decorative films and solar protective films is the name of the game for residential and commercial customers.

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